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Dave Jennings

Sales Manager | Mortgage Advisor
WA MLO #1398505

My Goal is to Build a Relationship of Trust with all of My Clients.

Hello! My name is Dave Jennings, and I was born and raised in Gamboa, a small town in Panama. My father was a Marine corp. sergeant who went to Vietnam for 3 tours; my uncle was a pilot for the ships that transferred through the canal. After the military, my father worked as a welder, and later became a tug boat captain. I lived there in Panama until I graduated high school. Most of my friends had parents in the military as well, and what always stood out to me was how often they would move.

Once I graduated high school, I joined the navy, the best thing that could happen to a kid who didn’t get very good grades. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the military was a great adventure! I went to boot camp in San Diego, and was assigned the duty of becoming a plane captain. I was sent to Oak Harbor, Washington to do training to fly the A-6 Intruder. There, I was assigned to squadron VA-115, aboard the USS Midway, stationed in Japan.

Arriving in Japan was my first greatest life lesson: “I’m never going to be broke again.” I arrived on a commercial flight to Narita Airport, Japan, and had no way to get to the base or any supply of money to buy food for several days. Japan, which has now come to be one of my favorite countries in the world, was completely foreign to me. Somehow, some random natives helped me find my way to the American base in Atsugi, Japan. I reported in for duty, but had to come to the realization that food was not free anymore. After 4 days, I finally got a loan from the Red Cross for 100 dollars.

Dave Jennings Mortgage Advisor Gig Harbor WA

Dave Jennings, Mortgage Advisor

Through the navy, I got to travel to countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Guam, Australia, Africa, Hong Kong, and many more. I ended up with an honorable discharge, and landed here in the great Northwest.

Dave Jennings Absolute Mortgage | Family Trip to Hawaii

Family trip to Hawaii

When I was twenty-two I bought my first house using the VA loan. I started going to college using my GI bill, while working at a Dodge Dealership financing cars. I came to realize I had a knack for numbers and finance. At thas point, I started a company called Line-X Northwest, which branched out and distributed to over 45 stores all over the US. I eventually sold the company, and started building houses. No matter what businesses and work I sustained in the future, I always continued flipping and building houses on the side; I loved building cozy homes with a view on the waterfront.

After a couple years I chased down the woman of my dreams, who was an Australian dancer and singer that I had met while I was stationed in Japan six years prior. We got married in 1998 and started a company called That Kitchen Shop in 2001, when we had our first child: Isabelle. It was a company that started at about $1.3M a year, and grew to more than $10M a year in 2008. In that time, we had two more children, our sons Jake and Reece. However, when the economy crashed in 2009, the next few years were challenging, and we nearly lost everything. We dissolved the company, and had just enough to buy an RV and move across America. We ended up living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a short time before we decided to move to Brisbane, Australia. There, I founded a small coffee distribution company, which grew to about 90 accounts. After about four years I sold the company, and came back to the United States.

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New addition to our fam, Vader

Once I got back, I met up with a good friend of mine who offered me a job to originate mortgages. I used my experiences from building and flipping homes, financing cars, and financing Line-X stores. Accumulating all these experiences, mortgages seemed to be a natural fit for me. Today, I am now the Sales Manager of Nova Home Loans over the Lending Dave Group for the Gig Harbor branch. This is where I have decided I need to share my experience’s and help people grow there wealth through the VA loan.

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